Our workshop is situated in Trasaghis (UDINE, ITALY). 8 skilled technicians operate in this workshop and most of their work is made in Trasaghis.

We have got 1 van and 8 lifting columns, which allow us to work where the vehicles operate, in order to avoid expensive charge fees.

Railoc is also present in Genova, through MARSER, a workshop situated in the inner part of the port, where we make all our north-west activities meet.

Genova workshop is connected to RFI network and is able to receive every kind of wagon, since it is equipped with supervision ditches and lifting vehicles, suitable for every kind of intervention.

Cooperation with reliable technicians allows us to be present also in South-Central Italy.

1Supporto tecnico

Routine maintenance

Railoc give the required technical support in order to keep the vehicles perfectly efficient, besides certifying their state of repair.

Railoc assures the following services: non-destructive tests above axles and train crossbows, overhaul and tanks pressurization, check of axles resistance, all of this in order to show the track circuit,  and make and certify the air brake tests.

If required, we can also outline the pneumatic scheme, describe its functions and, finally, the different sorts of components.

We make and certify the annual and quinquennal tests on the work vehicles, besides giving attendance for the periodical test of RFI vehicles.

3Interventi di manutenzione

Extraordinary maintenance

The deep knowledge of the type of railway vehicles working in Italy but also abroad enables us to carry out all kinds of maintenance interventions. 

We make complete overhauls, modernization and legislation adjustment, wheels hoops and wheels re-profiling, supplying both the certification of the work we have made, and the documents related to the non-destructive checks, when requested.

We can arrange for adjustment and re-making of all the systems, included brake system, and we provide the overhaul documents for all the components.

2Fornitura ricambi

Supply of components

In our workshop located in Trasaghis there is the availability of a great quantity of materials with which we can solve, quite quickly, most of the problems of the vehicles.

Our technicians can make the overhaul of dispensers and brake valves; some of these materials are present in our warehouse in order to be able to give immediate assistance to our customers.

We can also replace compressed air tanks with certified materials, we can supply buffers and cock heads. 

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